Baby Shower Wish List?

Gearing up to hear the patter of tiny feet? What a time to celebrate! Nowadays, this is typically done with a baby shower – an American tradition that has been adopted by many countries around the world in recent years.

Family and friends come together to eat, drink and spoil Mum-to-be with gifts for herself and her little one. It’s a chance for everyone to bask in the excitement of meeting a tiny new person in a matter of months.

A baby shower is one of the best events to create a wish list for. As the arrival of the precious new addition to the family draws closer, it’ll be crucial to make sure everything’s in order for when they arrive.

For that reason, people will tend to opt for presents that will be useful to the expectant mum. A wish list also gives her an opportunity to let everyone know what she really needs.

Our Wishlist feature is found on the product page and lets mum save her favourite products to find them quickly and easily at a later time and buy them or for friends and family to buy them for her. This can be done directly or through a Gift Card.

Share a Wishlist with relatives and friends for Christmas, birthdays and similar occasions so they can buy one of the products from the list.

Share the Wishlist by sending a quick link. Simple.

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