Junior Tribe Co. presents an inspired range of eco-friendly, reusable cloth nappies and products for your little ones.

Formerly known as Bottoms Up Junior, Junior Tribe Co. started as a small handmade business entangled between the beautiful untouched rain forests of the hinterland and the white sandy beaches of Byron Bay NSW.  Katie says “Our love and inspiration is drawn from the scenery that surrounds us and the community in which we live.”.  With such incredible natural beauty to draw on, it is no surprise that these are the most beautiful reusable cloth nappies and accessories available.  Time and time again, Katie astounds us with her gorgeous collections.

Today, these cloth nappies are hand designed in the Byron Bay Hinterland, originally being hand sewn at home, they are now produced ethically overseas. The journey of your new cloth nappy starts from just a sketch and then blossoms into the nappy you use on your baby.

At Cubs N Foal, JTC products are a firm favourite.  Not only are they just beautiful to look at, the fit of these nappies is amazing and slim!  The snake insert gives you excellent absorbency without sacrificing drying time.  The athletic wicking jersey lining means that the JTC wraps dry the fastest of any in our stash.  We believe the design lends these to being true BTP nappies.  With a 99th percentile baby, many BTPs were destined not to go all the way but we are thrilled to report that at 14 months JTC still fits like a dream and still has one rise setting to go!