Which Cloth Nappy should I choose?

It can be easy to become confused and disheartened when you start researching the world of cloth nappies.  But once you start it’s so much easier to know what you like and how things work.

Some families like to have a variety of different nappies in their collection, whereas others just want to buy one thing and make it work for them. Research shows that families who cloth nappy successfully for the entire time their baby is in nappies have about 5 different brands and/or styles of nappies.

Each family will have different needs and lifestyle as well as a different baby, that grows and changes shape A LOT!  This means the different features of each kind of nappy will appeal to different people. When making your decision, think about your budget, how committed you are to doing cloth, if you’re likely to persevere if things get a bit tricky, where your laundry is, do you get sun on your washing line, will you use a drier, do you enjoy / have time to sit and put nappies together.  When it comes down to it everything is pretty simple once you’ve practiced it a few times! We have listed different types of nappies below to give you an idea of what the different names mean.

All in one

All in two

Birth to potty

Fitted nappies

Wraps and covers

Pocket nappies

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